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Welcome folks, to this weeks (and first edition) of Drag’s Shaman Corner! To honor my recent race change from Dwarf to Draenei, we will talk about the coolest and arguably the most awesome shaman of the Alliance: Nobundo. Who is this guy? Why is he so strong, and why does this incessant shaman in my guild keep talking about him so much!? Well, many answers to these questions, and more! If you want a bit of background, I recommend reading this story Blizzard posted a long time ago called Unbroken. It covers all the basics and where this hero of the Draenei came from. Now that the background is out of the way, let’s get to my musings about this awesome fellow.

Farseer Nobundo is the literally embodiment of someone who overcame everything, and aspired to champion a cause unknown. To watch his fellow brothers corrupted by the red mist, turn into hideous broken, and to turn his status of an exiled one into a bastion of new hope for it’s people. Nobundo has a natural ability to commune with the elements of the planets, arguably a stronger affinity than Thrall had. The elements of Azeroth welcomed the foreign shaman, and he played a powerful role in healing the planet after Deathwing had went all crazy. These are all great achievements, but why is this so significant? Simply put, he was the first.

No shaman had attempted to bring shamanism to the Alliance at this point. Yes, the Wildhammer were already Shamans, but didn’t really have much to do with the Alliance before Cataclysm. We were on good terms with Aerie Peak, but not on good enough terms for them to share the teachings of Shamanism. In fact the idea of shamanism at the time wasn’t one that the Alliance was incredibly fond of. The xenophobia of anything Orcish had no place in the Alliance, the same concept for the Horde and Paladins (Can you imagine an Orc trying to be a paladin? Or stepping into a cathedral? Burst into flames much??). In fact, that fear was still present even after the Draenei joined the Alliance in the Burning Crusade. We had one shaman trainer in Stormwind, and this poor shaman trainer was stuck outside the city on a little remote island. You probably didn’t think much of it at the time, but the Alliance feared the elements. Rightfully so, Ragnaros has struck a deep fear when tampering with the elements.

With the arrival of Nobundo the Alliance finally had some understanding of the elements, and finally the ability to understand how Shamanism worked. It took time, but eventually the Alliance began to embrace these teachings, Nobundo himself becoming a powerful ambassador not only for the Earthen Ring, but a very trusted Ambassador to the Alliance. During the meetup in Mists of Pandaria when the great leaders of the Alliance met to decide what they would do with the Sha, Nobundo, along with Tyrande, were two of the loudest voices in the will for the destruction of the Sha. Nobundo is the reason we have Draenei shamans at all, and the reason many of the Broken became strong allies, instead of losing their minds to the sickness. He is often glossed over by the more notable heroes of the Alliance, but his place as a leader and mentor is one vital to the diplomacy of the Alliance.

I hope you enjoyed my little piece on my favorite Shaman, and that maybe you even learned a little something about WoW lore. Most of my weekly articles will be in referencing to lore, but don’t be suprised if I sneak a little opinion pieces on the state of various shaman specializations. I will keep any DPS/healing specific talk to the forums, but I definitely will hit on more things in referencing to all specs and especially when they drop the names of the artifacts for all shaman races. Currently all we know is Doomhammer for Enhancement shamans, so when we learn more expect me to dive into details about those. Thanks for reading this and expect more, this was enjoyable for me to actually sit down and write a bit.


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