The State of the Union #2: Shut up already, Cat.

“I had the right to remain quiet… But I didn’t have the ability.” – Ron White

My fellow Sojourners:

So…. I forgot to post something on Friday. Sue me. A lot has happened in the “state” that has me busy.

First of all, Diablo 3’s season is under full swing. Yours truly has elected to scrap the typical crusader and try his half-brother, the Barbarian. It’s going well. I’m pretty geared out, if you’re thinking about playing, it’s not too late. And if you ask me nicely I’ll even rush you to max level. We usually see around 8-10 people a night, probably half of them new faces, so I encourage everyone to pop over to the Ephemeron side and say hi. <Shameless Clan Plug Here>

Hearthstone has started another month too, with the new card set about the Grand Tournament and stuff… I wrote a write up about it last week. They add a lot of new cards to the mix, I’ve played around a bit and it seems to be a lot of fun. And a new card back is always good.

StarCraft 2 is now working in Windows 10, with a fix that yours truly figured out. If anyone asks, I’ll do a write up. I’m not going to waste my time if nobody plays though.

The only change to HotS is kind of a big deal. The max party size is being reduced from 3 to 2 in ranked play. I’ve never done rank play, but I think this is a good idea, to try and keep teams random than preconstructed. Nobody likes being hammered on by a precon in Dota or LoL, so why would HotS be any different?

Overwatch. Well. Blizz, send me a beta invite please.

Until next time, thank you, Naaru bless and the Light speed, I’ll be slaying demons on Diablo.


— Catald