We use Mumble for voice chat during raids. Please install it from
Note: Make sure you pick the CLIENT option during installation.

You do not have to speak during raid if you don’t want to; we only ask that you listen, in order to receive instructions and explanations.

  1. The audio wizard may automatically open when you first start mumble. Complete the wizard.
  2. After the completion of the audio wizard, Mumble may automatically open a connection panel. Close this.
  3. Go to “Configure” and select the “Certification Wizard”
  4. Select “Create a new certificate”
  5. Enter a name and a valid e-mail address. Click “Next”
  6. Click the “save as..” button.
  7. Give the file an appropriate name (such as “mumble certificate”) and click “save”
  8. Click the “Commit” button.
  9. go to “Server” and click “Connect”
  10. click the “Add New…” button at the bottom of the Mumble Server Connect dialog box.
  11. Enter the following information into the Add Server dialog box and than press “OK”
    • Label: Sojourner
    • Address: (see raid channel in-game)
    • Port: (see raid channel in-game)
    • Username: (Name of your character)
  12. Sojourner should now appear at the top of the Mumble Server Connect list. Click “Connect” to connect to the server.
  13. Mumble may temporarily freeze while it connects. The Mumble Server Connect dialog box will close, and mumble will show that it has connected in the panel on the right. Double click the “instances and raid” channel to join the raid chat!