Dreams of the Past

Note: This post contains possible spoilers for World of Warcraft: Legion. ~Ed.   I dream. I slumber, but this is not rest.  This is not a peaceful sleep. I sleep.  I know that I sleep.  And yet, my mind roams…seeing the horrors over and over again. I keep reliving the […]

The State of the Union #2: Shut up already, Cat.

“I had the right to remain quiet… But I didn’t have the ability.” – Ron White My fellow Sojourners: So…. I forgot to post something on Friday. Sue me. A lot has happened in the “state” that has me busy. First of all, Diablo 3’s season is under full swing. […]

The State of the Union #1: Seven Words You Can’t Say On TV.

“There are some words, we have just decided that we just won’t say all the time.” – George Carlin. My fellow Sojourners. My name is Catald, and Cels elected to give me the power to put my stuff on the front page of the guild website. Now I could use […]

Drag’s Shaman Corner: Nobundo, Patron Saint Shaman of the Alliance 1

Welcome folks, to this weeks (and first edition) of Drag’s Shaman Corner! To honor my recent race change from Dwarf to Draenei, we will talk about the coolest and arguably the most awesome shaman of the Alliance: Nobundo. Who is this guy? Why is he so strong, and why does […]

5 Years 1

  Back in November, 2006, when I first started playing World of Warcraft, if you told me I would be the Guild Leader of a fairly robust friends-and-family guild that would be celebrating 5 years of existence, I would have looked at you strangely and wondered what you were smoking. […]